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ONIRIA "The Realm of the Three Z"

Oniria “The Realm of the Three Z” is an Indie action-adventure third person platform videogame in 3D that takes place in the world of dreams, better known as Oniria.

Dreams become a reality in a universe which will take you fantasy world that you ever dreamed. Unfortunately, due to child’s progressive worsening imagination those worlds you remember are disappearing under the cloud of nightmares.

D-Realms Team

D-Realms is an idea, a concept, an innovative approach focused on the fantastic theme that we all love and also has its own and original mechanics. The video game is filled with stories and adventures we can’t wait to share with all of you.

Pablo Martín

Game Design | Animation | Programming

Iván Girón

Marketing | 3d Artist

Jessica Caraballo

Design 2d | Concept Artist

Javier Campallo

3d Artist | Texture Artist

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