D-Realms is an idea, a concept, an innovative approach focused on the fantastic theme that we all love and also its has its own and original mechanics. The video game is filled with stories and adventures we can’t wait to share with all of you.


Our hope is to develope a fantastic-themed videogame with an innovative and  different visual style that allow us to get the player fully immerse in the game. We want to recreate a whole new universe for you to enjoy it.




  – Creativity 

-We aim to have the most original content in aesthetics and art as well as story and argument. Creating an innovative diegetic universe with a singular structure. Reflecting our mad desire of creating something new.

  – Dreaming

-Love in our work is key to get what we want, it helps us to keep moving forward to achieve our goals. What we do is something that we are passionate us about. We truly believe in something made from the heart.

 – Effort

-Dedication, time and hard work are the main pillars in our performance. We struggle to achieve our goals without giving up and without rest. Our goals are our dreams and we are capable to reach them with the spirit of ‘Doing the best you can’.