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 Oniria “The Realm of the Three Z” is an Indie action-adventure third person platform videogame in 3D that takes place in the world of dreams, better known as Oniria. 


  Dreams become a reality in a universe which will take you fantasy world that you ever dreamed. Unfortunately, due to child’s progressive worsening imagination those worlds you remember are disappearing under the cloud of nightmares. Be Nayati and face the nightmares by taking your dream catcher, toys and your best pyjamas. Explore every Oniria’s world, help its inhabitants and release the kids that have been trapped in their worst nightmare. 


  • Incredible real-time combat. While you are exploring the world of Oniria, it´s possible to find hordes of enemies that will not make it easy for you.
  • Enjoy an immersive combat against the worst / best nightmares in the world of Oniria.
  • A whole universe to explore. The world of Oniria is made up of all the dreams of the children of the planet. You can find from worlds populated by dinosaurs to extraterrestrial life straight out of a child’s imagination
  • The game can become a nightmare. Don’t be distracted by its harmless look, Oniria is made for challenging gamers.
  • A battle system created to make your journey through the world of Oniria challenging as well as fun. The management of the enemies you defeat will influence the difficulty of your progress.
  • A fully “replayable” system.
  • Levels of the game are stayed open worlds. Design of the worlds is based on the distortion of reality which symbolizes the kid’s mind with the fusion of concepts. Progress in story affects the other worlds by having the player visit them again to investigate areas they hadn’t been able to explore previously. Oniria’s inhabitants travel between worlds.
  • A wide variety of costumes and weapons. Dream catchers It’s the main tool that it will be use along the adventure. Despite being the weapon that beats Nayati in the face of nightmares brings with it a series of responsibilities that if not fulfilled will penalize Nayati.




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Official ‘Oniria’ website https://d-realms.com/

About D-realms

D-Realms is an idea, a concept, an innovative approach focused on the fantastic theme that we all love and also has its own and original mechanics. The video game is filled with stories and adventures we can’t wait to share with all of you.

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Oniria Credits

Pablo Martín
Game Design | Animation | Programming

Javier Campallo
3d Artist | Texture Artist

Jessica Caraballo
Design 2d | Concept Artist

Iván Girón
Marketing | 3d Artist